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Geigerrig Bando Pressurized Hydration Pack

Geigerrig Bando Pressurized Hydration Pack

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Sling on the Geigerrig Bando Hydration System to carry around and always have access to water. This hydration pack made by the specialists at Geigerrigis designed with quick adjust diagonal pull strap and waist belt with optimal, unimpeded range of motion for the upper body. Inside the Geigerrig Bando Shoulder Hydration Pack is a small 5 inch by 7 inch mesh pocket for holding a granola bar, your car keys, and a couple small odds and ends. With a diagonal zipper that runs the length of the pack, as well as a top zipper that runs horizontally, the Geigerrig Bando Shoulder Military Hydration Pack lays wide open for easy loading and unloading of the engine.image

Specifications for Geigerrig Bando Shoulder Military Hydration Pack:

Fabric: 100% Heavy Duty 840 Ballistic Nylon used also by the military to deflect shrapnel.
Weight: 1.95 lbs
Length: 17.5"
Width: 9"

Features of Geigerrig Bando Hydration System:

  • Bladder: 70 oz hydration engine with quick-release valves for drinking tube and pressurization tube for easy refill and bladder removal - slide top for easy refill, cleaning, and drying
  • Zippers: Diagonal Pack Zipper and Top Horizontal Zipper for easy access to the hydration system
  • Non-Removable Waist Strap
  • Shoulder Strap: Terraced Overlay for Adjustable Tube Configuration and Power Bulb Configuration - "Quick adjust" pull tabs for easy adjustment
  • Additional Features: Plug Play Reservoir Tube Connectors, 5 x 7 inch internal mesh pocket, compatible with a 2L engine, magnetic tube holder, adjustable (Velcro) power bulb holder
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