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Kitsch Small Hair Clips for Women, Small Claw Clips 16 Pcs Tortoise & Black

Kitsch Small Hair Clips for Women, Small Claw Clips 16 Pcs Tortoise & Black

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Styling clips are essential for rocking that hairstyle that you have always wanted. Whether you are a kid, girl, teen, woman or a mother, claw clips and jaw clips are part of your daily life. You might wonder, with all the small claw clip in the market, what can possibly stand out from the rest? Unlike from the market, this hair clip are a good substitute form normal scrunchies for women.
  • MADE WITH HIGH-QUALITY RECYCLED MATERIALS: Our hair clips are expertly crafted from durable recycled materials and professional-strength springs, making them the perfect eco-friendly choice for all your hairstyling needs!
  • FASHIONABLE & ECO FRIENDLY: These hair clips for women are designed to inspire women to be conscious of the environment while still looking fashionable. Combine fashion and function by looking chic – all while being kind on your hair and the environment.
  • PERFECT FOR ANY OUTFIT & STYLE: Clip a full or partial updo, hold a messy bun together, gather hair in the back or keep hair in place during daily routines. Whether you're going for a casual or dressy look, Kitsch Claw Clips are the perfect accents to any outfit. They clip easily into hair and stay put until you take them out.
  • FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: You can use these claw clips for thick, thin, curly or straight hair. Each claw hair clip features a matte, easy-grip finish to keep it at your fingertips for fast and easy everyday styling.
  • AVAILABLE IN DIFFERENT SIZES: The Consciously Created Claw Clips are available in mini, medium, large and oversized options to accommodate everyone. Choose the size that best meets your needs, then comfortably clip your hair back without any hassle.
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